Cat Sitting Atlanta’s Best Felines

Cats are finicky and like to be alone, but we know secretly they like having  you or someone else in the house so they don’t feel lonely. They also need someone to take care of their basic needs. With Barking Up The Right Tree you have a trusted part of your new extended family. We have Atlanta cat sitting covered.

Your cat will get a primary sitter who will become their new best friend when you are not available. They get lots of petting, pampering and talking to. Even holding for those that like it and of course kitty play and feeding!

Feel comfortable traveling, working or whatever you need to do. Your cat will stay in their own home, receiving the loving attention and company they need. You can relax knowing that your cats are cared for by someone who is passionate about them as well as being professional, reliable and responsible.

Key Benefits For Your Cat and You!

  • The attention, love, pampering and play your cat needs.
  • Fresh food and fresh water daily.
  • A clean litter box and accident clean up.
  • Special care, medications, etc as needed

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