Kathryn Kim
Chase, the “O.G” Dr. Kim, Dr. Kat & Ookii the Mini Schnauzer

Dr. Kat Still Making Housecalls

Hello, I am Dr Kathryn Kim (aka Dr. Kat). After training at the Medical University of SC to help people, my life has taken many different paths and now I’m helping people through their pets. Pets are invaluable members of our family.

As one of the owners of Barking Up the Right Tree, or as we affectionately refer to as “BURT”, I felt it was my mission to not only care for pets but also care for the special fur moms & dads out there who go above and beyond for their fur babies. My philosophy is simple. I treat people with all the love and kindness within me. I truly believe if I give my best to each BURT Pet Professional it flows from me to the pet and then to our wonderful clients. As our lives become increasingly more automated one thing can never be replaced and I think that thing is the unconditional love we receive when we do right by our pets and one another. My mission is to go above and beyond your expectations. For you to know, when you call BURT, we are your best friends best friends.

Dr. Kat
Jeff Worswick
Sydney, Jeff., PJ & Jayden

I’m Jeff Worswick , co owner of Barking Up The Right Tree ( BURT )

My journey as an owner of this business began when I got my first dog at around 25. I reluctantly babysat my friends Doberman Pincher, Sydney. I had never had a dog growing up, only cats . Soon I got a boxer puppy and named him Cascious.

It was in dealing with my needs for my own dog that my love for the pet sitting was born. Having my best friend Cascious taken care of with love, kindness , and special attention gave me the ability to focus on other items in my life and know with certainty he would always be the same old friend I always knew and love .

I bought BURT in 2006 and it was one of the best decisions of my life . We look forward to taking care of your loved ones as if they are our own . Thank you for giving us the opportunity to let you focus on what you need to do , and letting us focus on your furry loved ones .

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