Atlanta’s Dog Walking Professionals

Dog walking is our specialty and the beauty of Atlanta makes dog walking a bigger pleasure.

Our professional dog walkers have experience with all types of dogs and temperaments. We only hire the best. Because of our size, we can ensure your dog has the same walker so that they can form a bond.  This makes the walk more enjoyable for both and ensures a great relationship. It’s important to know all their little quirks, preferences and favorite spots so that the time we spend really suits their needs. We live for dog walks, just like our furry clients! Each and every visit we will refresh the dogs water and anything else you need done. Most are free, but costs can vary. You will get a report of your dog’s adventures with us. If for any reason your personal walker isn’t available, your dog will be visited by one of our other awesome pack members.

Why Use a Dog Walker You Ask?

  • We ensure that your dog keeps their normal routine, which means a happy dog.
  • One of the absolute best ways to keep your dog healthy is to provide multiple 20+ minute walks per day.
  • Walking stimulates your dog’s sense’s like nothing else. Regular walking helps to release excess energy, resulting in calmer behavior at home.
  • They will also be less inclined to bark, chew, bite, use the bathroom indoors, etc.

We make hiring a professional dog walker simple.

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