Dog Sitting Atlanta’s Top Dogs

Kennel No More!

Your dog should stay in their home.  They have worked hard to make it there own and carefully placed smells. They want a dog sitter to play with and not a kennel. We will match you with one of our great dog sitters so that your pet can be comfortable and calm in their regular surroundings.  A kennel is an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar animals. As well, your dog doesn’t get the risk of exposure to potential illness or problems.

All in home visits  include:

  • Outside time when applicable (walks and/ or yard play).
  • Fresh water and food as well as bringing in mail and newspapers.
  • Turning lights on/off.
  • Bringing in trash cans.
  • Plus all the fun, love and affection your dog can stand!

Not all pet sitters are created equal, nor are they all professional.  With Barking Up The Right Tree, you will get to know your primary sitter, but also have the confidence that there is a whole team behind that sitter for any emergency. No need to worry about sick sitters or missed visits.

Dog Sitting

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